Plays of the week

The first full week of baseball is in the books! No team is undefeated and no team is without a win. During this time of the young season any team has a shot to win their division or even make it all of the way. At least that is how a lot of fans feel during these blissful first few weeks. Whether your team is favored to win their division or finish dead last enjoy the level playing field while you can.
I am watching the MLB Network right now and they are showing all of the highlights from the week. Home runs, diving catches, amazing throws, and walk off hits. There is no way to see all of these games so what better way to catch up and also keep an eye on the competition. I have to be careful about how much of these recap/highlight shows I watch because I don’t want to frustrate my partner so early in the season. Since I rarely miss a televised Braves game, watching additional baseball coverage has to be in moderation or at least done in a more stealthy manner. I think I finally have it down to a science.

Lets get week two underway!



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