Living in an Upton World

The Upton brothers don’t need a family reunion or the holidays as a reason to get together anymore. They are now teammates playing for the Braves in Atlanta! Less than two months after signing free agent BJ Upton, the Braves made another rare splash in the off season market by trading with the Arizona Diamondbacks for BJ’s younger and potentially more talented brother Justin.

There will be a lot of who won and who lost in this trade between the Atlanta Braves and the Arizona Diamondbacks over the rest of the off season and into Spring Training and the Regular Season. I think they both won.

As a Braves fan I am sad to see Martin Prado as a part of this trade  package but I also understand that he was the necessary piece to bring the younger Upton to Atlanta. Prado has been a fan favorite and a clutch player for the Braves over the past few years and will be the same for Arizona. Prado’s versatility will be hard to replace but Justin Upton is a much more valuable, immediate game changing factor.

The Braves have always had the fortune of a wealthy farm system so Randall Delgado and the three prospects that were part of the deal seem a minor consequence right now.

We will see…

With the signing of the elder Upton earlier this off season, BJ and his kid brother Justin will join the Braves outfield star in residence Jason Heyward. Jason is the younger of the three at age 23 but he might very well be the clubhouse leader that will inspire these newcomers and the likes of Brian McCann and Dan Uggla to perform up to and beyond expectations, returning the Braves to the promised land of the World Series.

We will see…


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