Baseball, Baseball, Baseball

We are a little over one week into the 2013 Major League Baseball season and this is my first post believe it or not. I am not sure why I haven’t been motivated until this point because I have been thoroughly enjoying watching as many games as possible, especially the Braves.

Opening Week is always a celebration for me after the long off-season (some one argue not long enough) but the addition of the World Baseball Classic during Spring Training this year seems to have satiated my baseball appetite a bit. It is fun to follow the professional players as they wear a different uniform to represent their country and to discover the hidden talents of players in the non-pro leagues played all over the world, all year long. Team USA had a decent showing but ultimately the tournament boiled down to the defending champions from Japan, two power house teams from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, and finally the surprise team from the Netherlands. Congratulations to the Dominican Republic! The WBC isn’t as popular as futbol’s World Cup and may never be but excitement and interest continue to grow internationally for the sport of baseball.

The WBC was great and Spring Training was a good tease but now it is time to focus on the real thing. No team is undefeated and no team is without a win. We are only seven games in but all teams are hopeful and feel they have a shot at the playoffs, well maybe not the Miami Marlins or the Houston Astros, but this is still an exciting time to be a baseball fan.


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