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Taxes and Jackie Robinson

Yes it is Tax Day, the last day to file your Federal and State taxes here in The United States. I waited much later than usual to file this year. I finished mine this past Saturday and finished Joey’s on Sunday. I know some people that file the day they receive their W2’s because they know they are going to receive a nice refund and usually already have the money spent within days of receiving it. I guess I am more of the delayed gratification type. If existent, my refund is typically so small that spending it on a tank of gas and a sandwich is about as much gratification as I get.

More importantly and much more interestingly, April 15th also signifies the day Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball. It was April 15th 1967 and I am sure Jackie was more worried to worry about whether or not his taxes were properly filed. Racial tensions in the U.S. were still so strong that it would have been hard for anyone back then to imagine that the first day a black man first stepped onto the field as a Major League Baseball Player would now be commemorated with every player on every team wearing that man’s number 42 on their jersey. Jackie Robinson’s number 42 was retired across all of baseball in 1997, meaning no one will ever wear that number again in professional baseball except on this day, the 15th of April.






Happy Birthday !

FYI: I share a birthday with these famous baseball legends…

Jackie Robinson

Ernie Banks

Nolan Ryan