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Hammerin’ Hank and the Home Opener

Atlanta is celebrating their 2014 Season Home Opener tonight. They are also paying honor and celebrating the 40 year anniversary of when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s home run record by hitting the 715th home run of his Hall of Fame career.

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Hank Aaron ended his career with 755 home runs and 2,297 RBI’s in 1976. He still holds the record for the most RBI’s in baseball history and although his home run record was broken in 2007 by the controversial Barry Bonds, many people still consider Hank the All-Time Home Run King.

Turner Field is sold out and many great baseball dignitaries are on hand to honor Hank. Many of the players that were on the 1974 Braves as well as Al Downing, the Dodgers pitcher who served up the historic home run. Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig took time out of his busy schedule to attend and help introduce the 80 year old baseball legend. Mr. Aaron was using a walker but he didn’t appear in the least feeble and his energy, spirit, and appreciation for the game of baseball, the city of Atlanta, and all of the fans was as strong as ever.